philips DVD on Dell Optiplex 620

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Wed Jan 4 00:36:36 UTC 2006

This is what I ended up doing (out of shear desperation): I removed the DVD
drive and replaced it with a CD burner from another machine that previously
worked with ubuntu.  I went through the entire installation and ran the
updates with this replaced CD drive.  When it was all done, I put back the
Phillips DVD drive and it seems to work fine.

I think the updates have the new driver info, but they are not in the
installation CD.  I installed Dapper Drake and there were no problems with
the Phillips DVD, this lead me to believe that the Philips driver info is
not in the Breezy installation CD.  I did not want to run Dapper Drake in
the production environment of a student lab.

Hope this helps.

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> I am having the exact same problem.  Have you found a solution?
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