Alternatives to ubuntu?

Anders Karlsson trudheim at
Tue Jan 3 19:52:51 UTC 2006

On 1/3/06, Filip Svendsen <filipncs at> wrote:
> I have 4 needs:
> 1) Blender, a 3d-modeling package: I have no problems with this, I
> compile from cvs. It is at least as fast as under windows, probably
> faster.
> 2) Firefox, obviously for web browsing, but also for tiddlywiki,
> (, a wiki written entirely in javascript.
> This is where most of my problems are, the performance of firefox in
> breezy is incredibly poor.
> 3) Development, (related to blender), no problems at all. I use gvim,
> it works fine and is very fast.
> 4) An assortment of Gnome tools, nautilus and so on. These are slow,
> but I don't use them enough for it to really be a problem.
> 5) skype... (which I can get to work, barely. Are their any *working*
> voip programs for linux?)
> So the problem here is really firefox, it is so bad that I close it
> the second I'm done with it, because it keeps slowing down my computer
> even when I'm not using it.
> Could there be a problem with the firefox in breezy? Should I try
> building my own?

You could try moving .mozilla to the side in your home directory, in
case there is something funky with a theme or extension. If Firefox is
your _only_ issue, I need to ask if you are totally dependent on it?
You could use Epiphany which is more lightweight, or you could grab
Opera (for free) from

Firefox in Breezy works fine for me here, although I am on a plain
32bit Sempron.

Anders Karlsson <trudheim at>

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