Alternatives to ubuntu?

'Forum Post ulist at
Tue Jan 3 17:47:42 UTC 2006

you will find many flavours of linux here.

I have done the same thing in a way. I origionally used Fedora Core 4
but wanted new experiences with linux. I left Fedora on my machine as a
test bed of sorts. I now have Ubuntu and Gentoo on the computer as well.
As well other options you can try are changing up your desktop. KDE,
Gnome, Fluxbox, E17 etc.

The big differences between the linux's is in how they load info onto
the computer. Ubuntu uses a debian process. Fedora uses RPM's(redhat
package managers) and YUM (yellowdog upload manager). Gentoo uses merge
which is endless compiling of programs.

The big thing to look for is how the community helps one and other.
Does it have a good forum?

However i do concur with Will H. Bachman. Maybe its just a matter of
tweeking your computer. Ubuntu is one of the easiest to workwith.

Hope this helps


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