Very slow MySQL performance

Sean Ryan sryan at
Tue Jan 3 16:53:56 UTC 2006

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On Tue, 2006-01-03 at 22:41 +0900, Dave M G wrote:
> Thank you for the advice.
> I should have mentioned before that I'm kind of a newbie, so I didn't
> quite understand the specifics of your recommendations.
> > I assume that "top" shows the system is idle.
> I'm not sure what "top" refers to. But I have a CPU monitor in the top
> right corner of my screen. It goes almost solid blue, indicating that
> the CPU is maxing out. It stays maxed out for the duration of the time
> that I am waiting for phpMyAdmin/MySQL to return a result.
[SR] in which case it sounds like the CPU is the bottleneck ... open a
[SR] shell. I'm running kde so I can't remember how to do it in GNOME
[SR] but I think right clicking on the desktop should bring up an option
[SR] like "New Terminal".  Once you have the shell type top and press
[SR] enter.  You now have a breakdown of processes are consuming system
[SR] resources.  Kick off a request and monitor the output from top ...
[SR]post your findings back here and we'll see if we can tell you
[SR]anything.  I should point out that I'm no mysql expert.
> > The first thing I'd
> > check then would be hosts/DNS/reverse-DNS.
> How do I check these settings?
[SR] Let's concentrate on the output from top for the time being given that you're see CPU spikes.  
> --
> Dave M G


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