Citrix ICA Client

Kim Briggs patiodragon at
Tue Jan 3 13:18:33 UTC 2006

On 1/3/06, David Mummery <dmummery at> wrote:
> I've been trying to get the Citrix ICAClient to work on Breezy Badger.
> Installed it from tarball, but when I try to launcn it from command line, I
> get the error message: /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr: error while loading shared
> libraries:
> Googling the problem suggests that I install libmotif3 - but I cannot find
> libmotif3 so that I can install it.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance.
> David Mummery

Hi David,

The Citrix website says their client requires "OpenMotif 2.2.x".  I
searched for "motif" using Synaptic and it came in under "libmotif3". 
The properties say it is in Libraries...(Multiverse).

[I actually wrote this stuff below first...

I've gotten the client to work on several different linux
distributions, but I have never had  a use for running it from the
command line.  If  it's any use to you browser-based, this worked for

*Download the latest linux client
*Read the readme to find the setup script that you need to execute.  I
think I accepted all the defaults.  Under Ubuntu, I installed it under
my home directory so I didn't have to worry about permissions.
*With Firefox or Mozilla pointed at the server, when it the program
asks how to do handle the citrix software, point it to the file
..install_path/ICAClient/wfica  (not wfmgr).]


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