Clint Tinsley clintin at
Mon Jan 2 16:13:42 UTC 2006

> As a newer than new newbie in the field of Linux, I tried Ubuntu and then Kubuntu, read a few things and tried several times, but in vain. Then someone with some knowledge of Linux helped me. All in vain again. At 73% the xserver always hangs. Could you tell me please what's the matter? Btw a checksum test was OK.

> Wi(llia)m

Occassionally, there can be hardware issues that simply get in the way.  Have you tried Knoppix or Kanotix (  Kanotix is suppose to be one of the best when it comes to hardware detection.  Most like, video card from what I am reading here.  Might suggest you swap that out if you can with a different make/model.  Other thing is to boot vesa for the video setting (vga=791 video=vesa, you have to edit the command line to do this).


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