java 2RE

norman norman at
Sat Dec 30 10:06:50 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-12-30 at 10:38 +0100, Gilles Gravier wrote:
> I use the self extracting binary... I don't like the idea of installing 
> RPMs on a DEB environment.
> I did have to tweak the "alternatives" settings for that to be properly 
> integrated into ubuntu, but you can do it simply by modifying what the 
> /usr/bin/java and other related binaries link to (they point to 
> /etc/alternatives/XXX which you need to link to what you want).
> I've just done this to get Java 1.6 to run... quite nicely... on my 
> Ubuntu laptop.

You are very fortunate in that you know what you are doing. I have no
real idea on how to tweak anything thus, my instinct is to go for the
easiest for me to do. I know how to type instructions into a terminal
and that's as far as my experience goes.


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