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Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Dec 30 01:26:09 UTC 2006

Avi Schwartz wrote:

> I don't have a static IP for 3 years now and I still have my own
> domain and everything works.  Sites like dyndns or freedns (there are
> others too, but I am only familiar with dyndns) come to the rescue.
> You install a small program on your machine (some routers even have
> it built in!) and when your ISP changes your IP, the program connects
> to the that company's site and updates your DNS records.  It has
> worked very well for me.

If you're talking about a hostname.homelinux.net style redirect when you
refer to "having your own domain" you should know the two have almost
nothing in common. For one thing your forward and reverse DNS won't
be the same. More and more mail servers are rejecting mail for this
reason alone, and it's actually the redirect itself that can in rare but
becoming more common situations cause mail to be bounced when it
otherwise wouldn't.

Ironically enough someone just reported this exact problem, using
DynDNS and a *static* IP no less, in another group I frequent. Here's
a sanitized copy of the bounce itself...

 Error connecting to primary server 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'.
 550 5.7.1 Client host rejected: Your forward and reverse DNS do not
 match for your IP so this looks like spam [xx.xx.xxx.xxx]. This is a
 simple fix that your administrator / ISP can do for you. Please have
 them do this so you can send e-mail through our system.

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