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Fri Dec 29 23:47:30 UTC 2006

I had the same problem when I tried to install Edgy. I have since found 
out that it seems to be a problem with the partitioning tool the Edgy 
installer uses.

When the partition tool starts, it checks your drives. If you have a 
FAT32 partition, you may find that it simply hangs.

I was able to fix this by opening a terminal before starting the 
installer. When the installer hangs, enter the following commands in the 

px ax | grep dosfsck

This will return the process that is scanning your drive. The output 
will look something like this:

  6013 ?        Sl    18:12 dosfsck -a -v /dev/hda5

The first number is the process ID. To continue installing Edgy, simply 
kill that process:

sudo kill 6013

(Change the 6013 to whatever the process ID is, of course).

If that doesn't work, you can try forcing it to kill by adding the -9 

sudo kill -9 6013

Once this process has been killed, you should be able to continue 
installing Edgy.

Hope this helps!

> I think there maybe a problem somewhere in the Ubuntu Installer for the Edgy 
> Desktop CD.
> Someone trying to install Linux for me said my Desktop had 256 K RAM but 
> when they clicked on the desktop Icon to install, the machine seemed not to 
> do much. I was asked about my computers host name, my user name and password 
> for my main account and asked about disk partitioning but when we chose use 
> free space, the drive churned around for hours but showed no progress bars 
> and even when this person went home after visiting my flat, 12 AM came but 
> still no repartitioning. I started the installation at 2 yesterday afternoon 
> and it had still made no attempts to finish partitioning.
> Is anyone aware of this as a possible bug because I am not only havving a 
> problem installing Edgy, I can't even run the Orca screenreader when I press 
> F5 3 at the boot prompt. 

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