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David B Teague davidbteague at
Fri Dec 29 02:56:04 UTC 2006

Tommy Trussell wrote:
> On 12/28/06, David B Teague <davidbteague at> wrote:
>> So  I install Ubuntu and specify DHCP instead of providing an IP number
>> and the modem will provide the IP number?
> Try booting from the desktop CD and it will probably do exactly what
> you want with no additional configuration. I believe it tries DHCP
> first and only asks for the other information if that fails.
> Unless you need a different network setup, you will not need to
> specify anything different when you install.
> Are you saying you tried booting from the CD and your network didn't
> work, or are you fretting about it before even trying it?
> Booting from the desktop CD should be completely benign to your
> existing setup until you choose to do an installation.
I thought I said that I booted the Live CD and the CD found the 
network.  (But I tend to over edit and may have deleted that!) I was 
able to do anything I wanted with the Live CD -- except to do email 
using my  Verizon account.

I was fretting because in the distant past, when network access was via 
NIC, setup always wanted an IP number. I anticipated Ubuntu installation 
being the same. I am very glad to hear that I can specify DHCP and the 
installation should "just work."

I will want to continue to use Windows for email until I get the Linux 
installation well in hand, then I'll move email to the Linux side. I 
will have more questions about moving email with Thunderbird at that time.

Warmest Regards
David Teague

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