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David B Teague davidbteague at
Thu Dec 28 22:30:21 UTC 2006

ac wrote:
> David B Teague wrote:
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>> 3) What do I tell the Ubuntu installation about my IP number? <SNIP>
> The bootable CD uses DHCP to get the IP information. When installed 
> this is likely to be the default method also.
> Do you connect to the internet via an ADSL modem/router with your PC 
> connected to the router with an ethernet patch cable?
Yes .
> <SNIP>
> Using DHCP the internet device (router, say) allocates an IP number to 
> your PC.
> <SNIP>
> The ip adresses of the PCs allocated from your router are likely to 
> use addresses similar to
> 192.168.1.x
> This is not related to the IP address your ISP connects with to your 
> modem router, which is a normal full internet IP address.
I think I understand, and I believe my Windows PC gets its IP number for 
my home network from the Westel Modem/Router via DHCP  (The current 
local network IP number is and I recall that the router 
does address translation between the net and my machine. I have not 
thought network things in a long time.

So  I install Ubuntu and specify DHCP instead of providing an IP number 
and the modem will provide the IP number?

Many thanks to all who replied to my inquiry.

Warm Regards
David Teague

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