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Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Dec 28 14:08:27 UTC 2006

John French wrote:

> Interesting thread. I am struggling with the planning of a similar
> set-up. And I had got to about where the thread has reached.
> All the suggestions so far have specified fetchmail. At about this
> point, I stumbled on getmail. Their respective advocates both suggest
> the other is deficient, which may mean both are OK.

I have used both - I tried getmail after hearing about
fetchmail's "deficiencies".  In hindsight, I don't believe there was such a
problem, but I _did_ have problems with getmail (I don't remember
specifics, but it was some years ago, and I don't think I could establish
an ssh tunnel for my SMTP, which I needed at the time).

In any case, in more than 5 years of fetchmail, I don't think it's ever lost
a mail

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