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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 12:33:58 UTC 2006

On 28/12/06, Martin Marcher <martin.marcher at openforce.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> there is another option (althoug I wouldn't recommend it) you could
> set up you kmail not to delete the messages from the pop server (not
> working with kmail but almost every program I worked with had this
> option - even outlook express).

I was thinking about that, but then I'd have to maintain two seperate,
redundant email systems (filing twice, adding contacts twice, managing
filters twice).

> > I'd like to still have the mail stored on my local home machine, but
> > I'd also like to access it via the laptop while I'm away. That leaves
> > me the options of:
> > 1) Pulling the email down from the server via POP3 and leaving a copy
> > on the server in the laptop.
> > 2) Syncing the laptop and the home machine when I get home- all email
> > downloaded to one will be transfered to the other. Also, any email
> > erased from one will be erased from the other.
> No need to sync (in the conventional way of a "Sync Now" button) the
> idea behind imap is that you have all mail stored remotely on the
> server. kmail should be able to get the index of messages that are
> available upon connect and automagically only show you the messages
> that are actually there.

Yes, I understand that. Actually, I'd prefer a Sync Now button! Maybe
I should look into KitchenSync to see if it wil provide this.

> > 3) Fetchmail, which would pull the email from the server and store it.
> > Then the IMAP server (dovecot for example) would make the mail
> > available to both Kmail running locally, and Kmail on the laptop.
> > 4) I'd continue sending email via SMTP on the server. That means that
> > sent mail will only be available on the machine that it was sent from.
> No :)
> Just set up your mail clients (on both machines) to use the same
> "Sent Items" Folder on the same server (which would be your imap server)

Ah, I did not realize that sent mail would be reported back to the
IMAP server. Very nice.

> > 5) If I continue using bogofilter in Kmail, it will only filter the
> > mail on that machine. Or, is there a way to have bogofilter in the
> > IMAP server itself? That way it will learn from when I tag ham/spam on
> > both machines.
> hmm that sounds like a local install of kmail keeps it's own
> dictionairy of spam/nospam messages.
> A solution would be to use the same spam folder and occasionally feed
> the messages from that folder to your mail client. That way the
> "knowledge" of your spam filter would be (to some extent) on the same
> level.

bogofilter doesn't store the whole spam message. When an email is
marked as spam/ham it does analyze it, but the whole message may then
be deleted.

> > Thanks. Sorry for the newbie questions. Most of what I've needed to
> > know I got from STFW but there are these questions that I can't answer
> > myself.
> No problem, i found the largest problem with STFW is to know the
> right vocabulary to search for (which is where I regularly bail out
> because english is not my mother tongue and therefore I don't know
> how to correctly translate the words to search for - to many acronyms
> and specialized phrases in each language on the planet - we should
> all just start talking binary)

Yes, my problem exacty. I didn't even know to start googling postfix
unti lI was it mentioned. And English terminology is so inconsistent-
why can't everyone just speak Hebrew?!? :)

Dotan Cohen


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