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Martin Marcher martin.marcher at openforce.com
Thu Dec 28 10:39:31 UTC 2006


there is another option (althoug I wouldn't recommend it) you could  
set up you kmail not to delete the messages from the pop server (not  
working with kmail but almost every program I worked with had this  
option - even outlook express).

Am 27.12.2006 um 18:15 schrieb Dotan Cohen:

> I'd like to still have the mail stored on my local home machine, but
> I'd also like to access it via the laptop while I'm away. That leaves
> me the options of:
> 1) Pulling the email down from the server via POP3 and leaving a copy
> on the server in the laptop.
> 2) Syncing the laptop and the home machine when I get home- all email
> downloaded to one will be transfered to the other. Also, any email
> erased from one will be erased from the other.

No need to sync (in the conventional way of a "Sync Now" button) the  
idea behind imap is that you have all mail stored remotely on the  
server. kmail should be able to get the index of messages that are  
available upon connect and automagically only show you the messages  
that are actually there.

> 3) Using an IMAP server that I access via both the home machine and  
> the laptop.


> Assuming that I go with the IMAP server on my home machine, I'd need:
> (please correct me if I'm wrong)
> 1) A static IP (which I have)
> 2) The machine must always be turned on (which it is)

True, I'd still use dyndns or a similiar service so that you can  
access you server with a name rather than an ip. also if your  
provider at some time thinks he has to change your IP dyndns will  
catch up and you will still have access.

> 3) Fetchmail, which would pull the email from the server and store it.
> Then the IMAP server (dovecot for example) would make the mail
> available to both Kmail running locally, and Kmail on the laptop.
> 4) I'd continue sending email via SMTP on the server. That means that
> sent mail will only be available on the machine that it was sent from.

No :)

Just set up your mail clients (on both machines) to use the same  
"Sent Items" Folder on the same server (which would be your imap server)

> 5) If I continue using bogofilter in Kmail, it will only filter the
> mail on that machine. Or, is there a way to have bogofilter in the
> IMAP server itself? That way it will learn from when I tag ham/spam on
> both machines.

hmm that sounds like a local install of kmail keeps it's own  
dictionairy of spam/nospam messages.

A solution would be to use the same spam folder and occasionally feed  
the messages from that folder to your mail client. That way the  
"knowledge" of your spam filter would be (to some extent) on the same  

> Thanks. Sorry for the newbie questions. Most of what I've needed to
> know I got from STFW but there are these questions that I can't answer
> myself.

No problem, i found the largest problem with STFW is to know the  
right vocabulary to search for (which is where I regularly bail out  
because english is not my mother tongue and therefore I don't know  
how to correctly translate the words to search for - to many acronyms  
and specialized phrases in each language on the planet - we should  
all just start talking binary)

Hope you can use some of those ideas

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