Firefox & Thunderbird stopped working [SOLVED].

Scott geekboy at
Thu Dec 28 12:10:25 UTC 2006

Well since either a) nobody had any idea of how to help or b) nobody saw 
this post I did some more work on the problem and I got Firefox and 
Thunderbird working again.

I'm still baffled as to what happened.

But my "fix" was back up ~/.Mozilla and ~/.Mozilla-Thunderbird, delete 
the originals and start over from scratch.  I then just copied the files 
from the old profiles into the new.  However, unlike with Thunderbird, 
this didn't' work with Firefox so I just started completely from scratch 
(I did import my bookmarks.html file from the backed up directory though).

But if one were to work, I had hoped it would be Thunderbird and 
thankfully it did.

I still don't get what happened though. It makes no sense.

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