GNU Java vs. Sun Java: What's the difference, what is better?

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at
Thu Dec 28 10:44:41 UTC 2006

Am 28.12.2006 um 07:51 schrieb Joel Bryan Juliano:
> We're the same, I'm also working on a university OS project, this  
> is serious
> stuff and it's really BIG! around 300+ campuses will use it, and  
> ~10 million
> students. I really prefer to use GNU Java, but It just doesnt' work
> out-of-the box, there's too much debugging info, warnings and  
> errors for a
> normal applet. Does Sun allow sun-java-jdk to be shipped in distros?

I made a distro for my university for the computer science starters  
(based on ubuntu of course :). We kindly asked some java people and  
received a written response that it would be absolutely ok to ship  
sun java with our distro.

_BUT_ we did that thru some "inofficial" channel to get the official  
permission. There is a local person that has good connections to java  
people and he asked for us.


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