Home IMAP server

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Dec 27 22:25:27 UTC 2006

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> Thanks. I've been googling all day and reading up on the subject. It
> appears that I may have trouble using Hebrew (utf-8) folder names in
> Dovecot (or any other IMAP server) because the standard specifies
> utf-7. Can anybody enlighten me on this?

Oh, dear.  No idea.  It's so much easier for those of us using only
English...  I suspect, though, that most IMAP servers will probably work
with utf-8 anyway.
> Also, will I absolutely need postfix? I'm not even sure what it does-
> all the documentation seems to assume that one is familiar with it. I
> _think_ that postfix will pull mail from my POP3 server and deliver it
> to the IMAP server. Is this correct?

Yes, but you don't need postfix.  I pull my mail with fetchmail, which can
deliver either to SMTP (in my case masqmail) or an MDA.  Maildrop or
procmail should both be capable of dropping the mails into the appropriate
folders.  Now that I think of it, I should check that out, because I really
don't need an MTA any more...


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