Alain Muls alain.muls at
Wed Dec 27 21:24:14 UTC 2006


I had NM running a couple of weeks ago, but I wrongly removed a preferred wifi 
connection and attempting to restore this, I reaaly screwed up NM.

I get the following message:

muls at geod02:etc$ sudo NetworkManager --no-daemon
NetworkManager: <information>   starting...
NetworkManager: <WARNING>        nm_dbus_init (): nm_dbus_init() could not 
acquire the NetworkManager service.
  Message: 'Connection ":1.15" is not allowed to own the 
service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" due to security policies in the 
configuration file'
NetworkManager: <ERROR> [1167254537.682544] main (): nm_dbus_init() failed, 
exiting. Either dbus is not running, or the NetworkManager dbus security 
policy was not loaded.
NetworkManager: traceback:
NetworkManager:         NetworkManager(main+0x3e3) [0x8066ea8]
NetworkManager:         /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ 
NetworkManager:         NetworkManager [0x8052d91]
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

Any ideas howto resolve???

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