Kqemu: does it work on Edgy ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Sat Dec 9 15:40:57 UTC 2006


Yesterday I wanted to try OpenSuse 10.2 that'a just been released. 
No no, no intent to cheat on Ubuntu officer, honnest, just meant to
look at the competition to see where we stand.

In VMware it hung, so I tried in Qemu.
I have never used Qemu before, but the latest version was in Edgy so I
installed painlessly. Suse installed fine from the DVD ISO, but it was
sooooo slow (took about 4 hours, no kidding).

I went to the Qemu website:


and gathered that there is kernel module, called "Kqemu" one must use to
accelerate significantly Qemu and make it eventually useful.
I didn't find that Kqemu thing in the Ubuntu repos, so I followed the
instructions given on the above link. 
I downloaded it, compiled, loaded it by hand ("sudo modprobe kqemu"),
tripled checked that /dev/kqemu existed, that is was loaded in memory
(I used lsmod), and I start Qemu as root to avoid any permission
problem on the module, as mentioned on the site.

Then I start Qemu, hoping for the best... and quickly disappointed,
Suse runs so slow that it hardly can respond to mouse input properly.

I went to the Ubuntu Wiki, but didn't find any Edgy specific/relevant
Howto, only obsolete stuff.

So if anyone has managed to get Kqemu working on Edgy, I would
gratefully receive your guidance... :-)



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