Where are my partitions?

Scott J. Henson sjh at sjhserv.net
Mon Dec 25 09:54:43 UTC 2006

Avraham Hanadari wrote:
> I know where I need to mount them. In fact I've already made the windows 
> directory in Media. I can't SEE the directories anywhere in order to 
> know their names! In older versions of Ubuntu, there was a place where I 
> could see ALL the HD, even though it wasn't accessible for any use. 
> Where is that place? I must have access to my Fat partition, because 
> that's where all my data is. Please tell me where I can see the entire HD.

I think your looking for "Computer" under Ubuntu (I don't 
know what it is under Kubuntu).  Its under the "Places" 
menu, right next to the "Applications" menu, usually in the 
top, left part of the screen.  I don't have a Windows 
partition, but thats where all my USB mass storage devices 
pop up and where I can get to the root partition in Nautilus.

Also, you don't have to make the directory in media.  It 
will usually make it for you.  If you want to mount the 
filesystem in the terminal, the command you are looking for 
is 'pmount'.  Supply it with the partition you want to 
mount, and it will create the directory in /media and mount 
the device with the proper permissions.  Usually the 
partition is going to be named /dev/hdxy or /dev/sdxy.  x 
being a letter, starting at a and corresponding to the hard 
drive.  y being the partition, denoted by a number. 
'pumount' is the corresponding unmount command when you want 
to unmount the partition.

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