Where are my partitions?

Avraham Hanadari rufus at hanadari.net
Mon Dec 25 04:02:53 UTC 2006

I know where I need to mount them. In fact I've already made the windows 
directory in Media. I can't SEE the directories anywhere in order to 
know their names! In older versions of Ubuntu, there was a place where I 
could see ALL the HD, even though it wasn't accessible for any use. 
Where is that place? I must have access to my Fat partition, because 
that's where all my data is. Please tell me where I can see the entire HD.


Andy Millar wrote:

> Hi there,
> They are usually mounted in /media I think.
> Either there, or /mnt
> - Andy
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> Hi!
> I've been away for a while. Now I'm back with 6.01. Last time around, I 
> could look in Places and see all the partitions, so I knew the 
> designations of the Windows partitions in order to mount them. Now there 
> not there. Is there a new place, or is something broken?
> Avraham

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