Bad Ide Controllers?

David Berg drberg1000 at
Fri Dec 22 22:37:33 UTC 2006

I forgot the errors. See below.

David Berg wrote:
> I have a system where the cd/dvd drive (which resided on the second 
> controller) started giving me troubles.  Eventually it appeared to have 
> died.  I purchased a new one and within a few weeks neither of the 
> drives on the second controller were recognized at boot.
> So, i cut back to two disks (hdd and cdrom) and put both of them on the 
> first controller.  I'm again having trouble with the cdrom drive.  When 
> i try to play any encrypted dvd (I don't have any unencrypted) it hangs 
> partway through the movie.  The error messages I'm able to find are 
> pasted below.
> I'm wondering if its only a matter of time before the first controller 
> flakes out as well -- if it isn't already going.  If I add a pci ide 
> controller am I just buying time or is it likely to fix the problem?
> This home built system has really given me nothing but troubles.  I've 
> had to replace the CPU twice, the Power supply once, one cdrom drive and 
> now ide controller(s?).  Should I just strip it for parts?
> Thanks much.
> --Dave

These are from syslog:

Dec 22 15:55:31 sue-desktop -- MARK --
Dec 22 16:07:32 sue-desktop kernel: [17181615.012000] hdb: media error 
(bad sector): status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
Dec 22 16:07:32 sue-desktop kernel: [17181615.012000] hdb: media error 
(bad sector): error=0x34 { AbortedCommand LastFailedSense=0x03 }
Dec 22 16:07:32 sue-desktop kernel: [17181615.012000] ide: failed opcode 
was: unknown
Dec 22 16:07:32 sue-desktop kernel: [17181615.012000] end_request: I/O 
error, dev hdb, sector 6473640
Dec 22 16:07:32 sue-desktop kernel: [17181615.012000] Buffer I/O error 
on device hdb, logical block 1618410


The xine log viewer (messages tab) is filled with errors similar to these:

audio_decoder: error, unknown buffer type: ????0000
video_out: throwing away image with pts ??????? because it's too old 
(diff : ?????).

Anything else I should add that might be useful?

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