Bad Ide Controllers?

David Berg drberg1000 at
Fri Dec 22 22:30:45 UTC 2006

I have a system where the cd/dvd drive (which resided on the second 
controller) started giving me troubles.  Eventually it appeared to have 
died.  I purchased a new one and within a few weeks neither of the 
drives on the second controller were recognized at boot.

So, i cut back to two disks (hdd and cdrom) and put both of them on the 
first controller.  I'm again having trouble with the cdrom drive.  When 
i try to play any encrypted dvd (I don't have any unencrypted) it hangs 
partway through the movie.  The error messages I'm able to find are 
pasted below.

I'm wondering if its only a matter of time before the first controller 
flakes out as well -- if it isn't already going.  If I add a pci ide 
controller am I just buying time or is it likely to fix the problem?

This home built system has really given me nothing but troubles.  I've 
had to replace the CPU twice, the Power supply once, one cdrom drive and 
now ide controller(s?).  Should I just strip it for parts?

Thanks much.

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