wireless network + wired network = ?

ben darby ben at cvrse.com
Fri Dec 22 21:38:49 UTC 2006

* Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> Got a problem that I'm not quite sure how to solve. First a brief bit of
> background information...
> Have wireless network provided by a linksys router, it covers our house.
> Thing is the signal is not good enough in my room and moving the router
> isn't an option. So I have run a 30m cable that plugs into the wireless
> router and run it to my room.
> I'm a sociable kind of chap so often have need to have more than one
> computer connected in my room at a time, but there is only one cable.
> One of the computers in my room has two NICs (call it MrT), so, is it
> possible for one NICs to be connected to the wireless router, while the
> other one is connected to an ethernet switch in my room, where many
> other computers can also plugin in and somehow access the internet via
> MrT and also the computer connected directly to the linksys....?
> I'm sure it would involve some firewall forwarding rules and I can use
> firehol for that. But is simple forwarding enough?
> If the computers on the linksys use can the computers with
> MrT also use this subnet? I'm thinking not, but not sure why, as you can
> see I'm a bit confused :) Been a long day. Help is much appreciated.

Gabriel, you can get it to work that way but i wouldnt bother, just run
your eth cable from wireless router -> switch in your room (you'll probably
need a crossover cable if your switch doesnt have a X over port or MDI/MDIX)
and then everyone in your room plugs straight into the switch. thats similar
to the setup i use here, only problem is if you dont have enough switch ports.

ben darby
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