How can one say Linux is $-free . . . ?

Dimitri Mallis dimitri.mallis at
Thu Dec 21 22:29:49 UTC 2006

a lot of people new to Linux complain about how much time it has taken to
get used to it, but... just think, the only reason you are so comfortable in
Window$ is because you have been using it all your life.

i remember when i was using sum sort of DO$ when i was a kid & then one day
my dad upgraded to Win3.1 & later 3.11. i had no idea how to use the new
Win3.1. We all had to learn from scratch.

the same with Win95 & 98. was also a learning curve.
& again with Win200 & XP
vista will prob also be a bit of a learning curve.

it was the same with the M$ office packs. each new version looked different
& had more features. (& more bugs)

the point it, a lot of people grew up on M$ stuff & never even knew of
alternatives, maybe a mac.

once you get the hang of it u'll never go back to M$. there is just no need.
every you can do in window$ you can do in Linux, just better & you can
actually do way way more stuff in Linux

dont give up, it worth it
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