MaxDB on Edgy? (revisited)

Kristian Rink kristian at
Wed Dec 20 07:29:18 UTC 2006


still trying to get MaxDB 7.5 to run atop Edgy Eft, and still I'm
failing. So far, here's what I know:

- maxdb-server-7.5.00 from universe is uninstallable due to unmet
dependencies (see [1]).

- Stock MaxDB 7.5.x downloaded from mySQL's MaxDB website doesn't work
at all because it relies upon LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.something which
doesn't work on Edgy (see [2],[3]).

- Not sure it would be of help, however, MaxDB 7.6 also is not working
on Edgy Eft (see [4]).

Finally, all is not well. Reverting to Dapper is not an option on the
machine in question as this is a development notebook and the atmel WLAN
device never worked with the Dapper kernel.

Can anyone provide any other insights that might be of help here? Any
ideas of how to run a recent MaxDB version on Edgy?

Any sort of input greatly appreciated. :)
Thanks and best regards,


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