List of packages from certain repo

Bob Davis bob at
Mon Dec 18 15:20:39 UTC 2006

Scott wrote:
> Jeroen van de Nieuwenhof spake thusly on 12/17/2006 08:46 AM:
>> I use several external repositories in my Ubuntu installation. How can i 
>> get a list of packages that i installed from repo x? Is that possible 
>> with apt or aptitude?
>> Regards,
> I've always wondered that myself. I'm sure there's some geeky regexp 
> format one can use.
> But until I find out what that is, I use filters in Synaptic.  I've got 
> several to filter on "origin" of a package (e.g. "").

I just tried this:

Find the repository with your browser
for this line in sources.list:
deb edgy universe main restricted multiverse
I went to:
There you will find a file named Packages.bz2
Download this file and you find a list of all of the packages and their versions and descriptions


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