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Matthew Clarke mj3clark at
Mon Dec 18 14:42:29 UTC 2006

Agree with all the comments I've read here.  I switched about 6 months
ago on my work account (i.e. major volume...) and have been very
happy.  I find I'm losing things less and keep up with the flow

One point that I haven't seen anyone mention is the power of keyboard
shortcuts.   I deal with so many emails that I've gotten hooked on the
speed that only keyboard shortcuts can offer.  Typically this has been
a major reason why I avoided web email systems for daily use.

Gmail has fixed this!  I only see a major speed boost when I turn on
the keyboard shortcuts.  This is actually make-or-break for me.  Y to
archive, R to reply, etc etc.  It makes quick replies actually quick.

Now, the only downside (interface-wise) is with attachments.  In email
readers I liked to copy and paste attachments into a message.  Oh
well, now I copy & paste the path to the file and use the file browser
dialog.  It's OK, but if gmail could use AJAX to do some drag&drop
stuff--would be cool.  Has anyone seen this type interface gadget on a

Matthew Clarke

On 12/17/06, Richard <cms01 at> wrote:
> Wondering if ANYONE, has gone full gmail account, and drop
> Thunderbird ...etc and just using gmail for sending and receiving emails.
> I mean 100% usage
> if So, please tell me how it is, any problems...
> and what are the major advantages, say comparing a ISP service,
> and using a client app say thunderbird compare to a web browser...
> Thanks ++
> Rich
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