Is it crazy to buy a MacBook?

cameron conner cameron.lists at
Sun Dec 17 06:17:32 UTC 2006

On Sat, 16 Dec 2006 18:39:00 -0600, Rick Greep wrote:
> 	Just this week I have been playing with Mac-on-Linux. After a number of 
> stumbling blocks, I have a 5G version of OSX 10.3.9 running on another 
> terminal. Now I can watch wmv9 videos and play my iTunes while 
> letting linux 
> control everything on the rest of the box. I have Tiger but I don't really 
> have a reason to upgrade.
> 	The Apple hardware is extremely well designed. About a year ago I 
> dropped my 
> open, running, laptop down a staircase. Aside from a dent in the corner, 
> everything survived without any problems. My previous (plastic) Dell 
> laptops 
> would have exploded on the first bounce. 
> 	The only problem I have with the machine is with the PPC processor. The 
> processor itself is great, but it is very hard to find working codecs, wine 
> or other applications which will run under linux on this processor. 
> The i386 
> platform sounds like a winner, but I would remove OSX in a heartbeat.

I completely disagree. I like ubuntu, but for my main machine I use OS 
X. I didn't see the original post, but I think you (the OP) should use 
OS X for awhile and see if you like it. Frankly I like it better than 
ubuntu, however ubuntu (imo) is the best linux distro, I still wouldn't 
use it for everyday use, but that's because I'm in photography and 
design, and need all the adobe products, and getting them on via wine 
isn't exactly ideal. Point is don't let anyone decide what platform to 
use. You need to try it out and see what you like, regardless if it's 
windows, mac, or linux.

peace, cameron
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