Is it crazy to buy a MacBook?

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Sun Dec 17 00:39:00 UTC 2006

> >>>> I'm not a tec expert , but even a teacher discount, a windows machine
> >>>
> >>> about
> >>>
> >>>> the same specifications still a mac is 800 euro over priced.
> >>>
> >>> I wouldn't buy a MacBook and then delete Mac OS X off of it, I'd use
> >>> it and learn from it. So I don't think it's very wise to do what the
> >>> OP talks about. But yes, the Apples are very nice machines.
> >>>
> >>> Saludos
> >>
> >> Buying a MacBook is not... but deleting Mac OSX is crazy!
> >
> > No, it's not. I already did.

	Within a couple of months of buying my PowerBook G4 (ppc) I realized the 
gooey sweet candy coating OSX had over BSD was too much to handle. I compared 
a few flavors of linux and went with Fedora 4. About six months ago I 
installed kubuntu and have been very impressed. (Almost) everything works, 
even the Airport card which I had believed I would never use again works.
> I would recommend keeping a minimal OSX install on the drive, as future
> firmware updates for the hardware may only be installable while booted
> into OSX. A tiny 5GB partition shouldn't be to difficult to part with.

	Just this week I have been playing with Mac-on-Linux. After a number of 
stumbling blocks, I have a 5G version of OSX 10.3.9 running on another 
terminal. Now I can watch wmv9 videos and play my iTunes while letting linux 
control everything on the rest of the box. I have Tiger but I don't really 
have a reason to upgrade.

	The Apple hardware is extremely well designed. About a year ago I dropped my 
open, running, laptop down a staircase. Aside from a dent in the corner, 
everything survived without any problems. My previous (plastic) Dell laptops 
would have exploded on the first bounce. 

	The only problem I have with the machine is with the PPC processor. The 
processor itself is great, but it is very hard to find working codecs, wine 
or other applications which will run under linux on this processor. The i386 
platform sounds like a winner, but I would remove OSX in a heartbeat.

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