Hardware requirements

Guillermo Garron guillermo.fedora at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 14:07:50 UTC 2006

On 12/16/06, Milos Prudek <prudek at bvx.cz> wrote:
> What are Kubuntu (or Ubuntu) hardware requirements for Live DVD?
> I tried to run Live Kubuntu 6.10 on Pentium 333MHz with 90MB of RAM, 8 MB of
> which is shared with embedded videocard SiS 620.
> - Kernel booted
> - X Window System launched (the black and white screen with the X cursor)
> - then KDE seemed to be starting (blue background, cursor switched to a white
> arrow,
> - then the PC locked up.
> I also tried to install Mandriva, but the install failed.
> The only thing that I can run is Damn Small Linux, but only if I set a swap
> file for it.
> Is 90 MB RAM too little RAM for Live Kubuntu?
I have read that you 256 MB of RAM, for UBUNTU and KUBUNTU, maybe you
need XUBUNTU instead.


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