Dual Boot problem

Tony Bazeley tbag at internode.on.net
Sat Dec 16 11:49:07 UTC 2006

I'm new to Ubuntu and am having trouble installing Xubuntu 6.10

I am using the "Alternate CD" and  have succeeded on my older test box but 
have problems on the box I use for everyday purposes.

On each box I have 2 primary partitions, and one extended.
The first partition contains XP and  Xubuntu is in the second.
Grub  is installed into the Xubuntu partition, rather than the MBR. In the 
test box I am able to toggle the active partition (using parted from 
SystemRescueCD) and either boot directly into XP,  or to either XP or 
Xubuntu via Grub.

However on my main machine I can toggle the active partition and boot into 
XP,  but cannot get Grub to start, and hence cannot boot into Xubuntu. - (I 
get the error message "missing operating system)

I noticed the following odd behavior on the main machine:

	During installation it referred to the SATA drive as SCISI1, and named my 
second primary partition /dev/sda3 - the extended partition was named /dev/sda2
	In addition running Grub from the SystemRescueCD reports Xubuntu on (hd0,2)
	Mounting /dev/sda3 from the SystemRescueCD shows menu.lst to be consistent 
with this naming convention.

I attempted to boot using grub from the SystemRescueCD as described at 
http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/grub/grub.htm, but control falls 
though to the SystemRescueCD.
run_qtparted from the SystemRescueCD also crashes on attempting to display 
partitions on /dev/sda

The  setup is:

	Asus A7N8X - Deluxe
	SATA 120Gb

	/dev/sda1 XP
	/dev/sda3 Xubuntu
	+ Extended partition containing Linux swap and a number of NTFS partions

I'm really not sure what to try next and any assistance would be greatly 

Tony Bazeley

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