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Bjoern Ottervik bjorn.ottervik at
Fri Dec 15 17:15:00 UTC 2006

Anthony Gardner wrote:
> this is my last top post on the subject. (never been asked to stop 
> that b4 but whatever)
> if ubuntu could come up with a common update / package manager that 
> behaves the same on all distos  ... kudos. I'd use it ........ you 
> don't have to.
> sorry if i've upset anyone with this post and, just an aside, i doubt 
> if i'll be going to any parties where we stand around talking/joking 
> about the diff between pkg managers on ubuntu.
> */Adriano Varoli Piazza <moranar at>/* wrote:
>     (Aside: you keep on top-posting. Kindly, stop).
>     On 12/15/06, Anthony Gardner wrote:
>     > I understand what both of you are saying but you're missing the
>     point that
>     > I'm trying to make.
>     >
>     > I personally use the command line so this discussion doesn't
>     bother me
>     > ............ but not everyone does.
>     >
>     > My main point is, why does update-manager tell me things that
>     adpet doesn't.
>     update-manager tells you different things because it's not the
>     same program.
>     > whatever distro you use, the info it tells us should be the
>     same. So, if I
>     This is a nice joke to tell at parties, thanks for it. Yes, in an
>     ideal world, KDE, GNOME and other programs _should_ give you the same
>     information. However, implementation details aren't ideal, and
>     sometimes don't.
>     > use update-manager on kubuntu, it shouldn't be telling me that
>     linux-headers
>     > are unauthenticated. The same engine should be used by all
>     *ubuntu distros
>     > and by all means have a different gui for whatever DM you use.
>     The same engine _is_ used by all 'buntus: apt-get. The
>     "unauthenticated repositories" doesn't appear because it's created by
>     the GUI, it's something apt-get passes to the GUI, unless they've
>     managed to seriously fsck up things in Kubuntu (don't use it, can't
>     tell) and implement YAPM. I doubt it, since AdePT rings a faint "apt"
>     bell. That the GUI decides whether to tell you or not is quite another
>     thing.
>     Are you sure it's the linux-headers package that's not authenticated,
>     and not some other repository there? Because I'd bet it's some
>     different repo that's showing there, and that you don't have in
>     Ubuntu.
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I think this is pretty simple as well: the information you get about 
upgrades shouldnt be dependant on weather there is a 'K' in front of 
Ubuntu or not. Its diffrent flavours of the same distro, and requesting 
they provide the same functionality in this  isnt that far fetched.
Ive not used Kubuntu in a long while (since Hoary) so I cant say how 
updating is handled these days, but perhaps a bugreport might be the 
thing to do. Will you submit one, Anthony?

/Björn Ottervik

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