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David Armour wrote:
> Hello list!
> They Thought It Would Never Happen Dept.:
> Incredibly, my 30G hard drive has less than 1G remaining free space! The mind
> boggles, and I've come over all twitterpated-loik. Lacking, however, this close
> to Giftmas the disposable fifty or so to buy a replacement -- and probably much
> larger hard drive! --, I'm keen to learn what the hive-mind might consider "best
> practice" for putting a small-to-middling hard drive with a single-user, edgy
> system, generic box with vanilla cd-burner on a reducing plan? What to do? What
> to do first? I can see, for instance, that I don't have to have all those
> children grad photos on there, or an assortment of '60s music, but what
> constitutes "stripped-down" these days?

    Well, Ubuntu requires only a few gigs of drivespace; it's more about
where you PUT it that makes the difference.

    What I do around here is to put all the 'fun' stuff (family photos,
movies, neat things I found on the net, music) on a directory called
/shares, on the server.  I then NFS-it to the various workstations in
the house.

    If it's the server, or the only machine in the house, I'd get a
big'old 100+G drive, mount it on /shares, and make things live there.
You'll find the 30G drive is HUGE when it only holds the root filesystem.

    The Ubuntu web pages has all the details for adding disks, etc.

    If you're using LVM, you can "add" the drive space to the existing
drives, but unfortunately I rarely use it, on machines that need it.  :)

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