Recommended hard drive diet?

David Armour d.f.armour at
Thu Dec 14 17:53:29 UTC 2006

Hello list!

They Thought It Would Never Happen Dept.:

Incredibly, my 30G hard drive has less than 1G remaining free space! The mind
boggles, and I've come over all twitterpated-loik. Lacking, however, this close
to Giftmas the disposable fifty or so to buy a replacement -- and probably much
larger hard drive! --, I'm keen to learn what the hive-mind might consider "best
practice" for putting a small-to-middling hard drive with a single-user, edgy
system, generic box with vanilla cd-burner on a reducing plan? What to do? What
to do first? I can see, for instance, that I don't have to have all those
children grad photos on there, or an assortment of '60s music, but what
constitutes "stripped-down" these days?

As always, any responses greatly appreciated. 

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