How to configure Konqueror for / ?

Lorin Pino ljpino at
Thu Dec 14 00:42:20 UTC 2006

Larry Alkoff wrote:
> How I change Konqueror to _include_ the / root folder in the opening 
> "Locate - search for local files" window which contains:
> Home Folder
> Storage Media
> Network Folders
> Trash
> Applications
> About Kubuntu
> Changing Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Home URL doesn't work to 
> allow me to browse to /.
> Larry
Have you thought of navigating there, and then adding that file location 
as a bookmark?  I thought there was a way to save the way you want Konq 
to look when it opens, but I haven't used it (Konq) much for a while.  
If there is a setting for that, then you could have it start with the 
navigation side panel open.  That has a tab for the root file system.
Good luck.

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