Dapper or just Linux (child safe)

Anthony Gardner cyclewood_ltd at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 14:35:46 UTC 2006

As for all your suggestions. thaks. have played with dansguardian and it looks good. have to work out how to configure it ... by default, it even stops me getting on the bbc website ;)

Claudio Clemens <asturiolists at gmx.net> wrote: 2006-12-04, 20:50 +0000, Anthony Gardner:
> Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can get some good
> info on making Linux child safe for surfing.
> I want to get my nephews on to Linux (pref ubuntu) but I want it to be
> safe. I'll be abroad and so I want to make it as secure as poss from
> the beginning rather than having to refine things regulary.

Hi All,

I'd like add my 2 cents here after so many useful posts. I have 2 kids
at home, and only one computer (actually only one desktop :-) ). And I
do have prboom, and sharequake, and enemy territory installed. If just
manage to make these brutal games only playable by me. Here how I did

1 - Create a new group "brutal" (addgroup brutal)
2 - Make all brutal binaries and data files owned by the brutal group
    (e.g. chgrp brutal /usr/local/bin/prboom, chgrp -R brutal
3 - Make the binaries and data files unreadable and unexecutable for
    (e.g. chmod -R o-a /usr/local/bin/prboom /usr/local/share/prboom/*)
4 - Add me to the brutal group (addgroup claudio brutal)

Now only me can play those games. I though about doing this with
firefox... but that is not a very good solution :-)

All commands are just what I remenber and may be not 100% correct (Only
the meaning is correct). You need to be root, so you probably want to
write "sudo" before all commands.

Good luck on getting your boxes child-safe ;-)

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