Dapper or just Linux (child safe)

Claudio Clemens asturiolists at gmx.net
Wed Dec 13 12:05:04 UTC 2006

2006-12-04, 20:50 +0000, Anthony Gardner:
> Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can get some good
> info on making Linux child safe for surfing.
> I want to get my nephews on to Linux (pref ubuntu) but I want it to be
> safe. I'll be abroad and so I want to make it as secure as poss from
> the beginning rather than having to refine things regulary.

Hi All,

I'd like add my 2 cents here after so many useful posts. I have 2 kids
at home, and only one computer (actually only one desktop :-) ). And I
do have prboom, and sharequake, and enemy territory installed. If just
manage to make these brutal games only playable by me. Here how I did

1 - Create a new group "brutal" (addgroup brutal)
2 - Make all brutal binaries and data files owned by the brutal group
    (e.g. chgrp brutal /usr/local/bin/prboom, chgrp -R brutal
3 - Make the binaries and data files unreadable and unexecutable for
    (e.g. chmod -R o-a /usr/local/bin/prboom /usr/local/share/prboom/*)
4 - Add me to the brutal group (addgroup claudio brutal)

Now only me can play those games. I though about doing this with
firefox... but that is not a very good solution :-)

All commands are just what I remenber and may be not 100% correct (Only
the meaning is correct). You need to be root, so you probably want to
write "sudo" before all commands.

Good luck on getting your boxes child-safe ;-)

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