Ubuntu on a 486?

NoOp glgxg at mfire.com
Wed Dec 13 00:08:53 UTC 2006

John Richard Moser wrote:
> Is anyone here running Ubuntu on a 486?  Like, anything the -generic
> kernel can't run on?  (-386 is a 486 kernel)
> I'm not ready to advocate the 686 push some people want to go for; I
> think there may be a wide enough 586 audience out there to warrant
> keeping it for a little while.  Still, looking at the 486 and what it's
> capable of, I think it may be time to suggest deprecating support for a
> processor that can clock 100MHz max.

If by 486 you mean as early as PII then I can assure you that Ubuntu
runs just fine on those machines.  On a daily basis I run 6.06.1 LTS
(Dapper) on the following:

300Mhz PII[1]
400Mhz PII[2]
450Mhz PII (this one as a matter of fact)[3]

[1] Noname PII w/original processor - only the CPU fan has been replaced
[2] Old Lapnote laptop
[3] Old Compaq Presario 5670 - also the one that I am posting from.

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