Booting Ubuntu

maman durahman durahman at
Mon Dec 11 15:54:20 UTC 2006

Maybe problem is at your ubuntu cd. I have experience almost the same
problem whan i try to install pclinuxos (sory, not ubuntu). My
computer cannot boot from cd even i have change booting sequence whre
cdrom is first.

Then i try to burn iso once again with defferent speed of burning. I
burn it with 16x speed (i use k3b. Fist disk which cannot boot i  burn
with speed auto). And boot the computer again using new cd. And it's

On 11/12/06, Chanchao <custom at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 13:39 -0800, e_eagle at wrote:
> > Cant get the Ubuntu CD (ISO burned by me) to load.   Looks
> > like Windows XP is overriding!!
> It's not Windows that's overriding, it's your computer that's set to
> ALWAYS boot from your harddisk, even if a bootable CD is in de CD drive.
> This is easily changed.  Note also that this is not related to Ubuntu,
> or to Windows.  If you were ever to install Windows again from the
> Windows CD then you would have exactly the same issue, and you would
> resolve it in exactly the same way, read on:


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