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Scott J. Henson scotth at
Sun Dec 10 20:27:01 UTC 2006

Bruce wrote:
> 2) What is the initial port configuration for Dapper Drake and how do we 
> control the opening and closing of ports for various "apt-get"  packages 
> and for "home brew" code such as perl networking code development?

Ubuntu doesn't come with any firewall.  Thus it doesn't come
with any closed ports.  It also doesn't come with anything
listening by default so its secure despite not having a

I'm not sure how to help you without knowing what you did
with iptables.  The best I can say is that you need to open
up ports 20 and 21.  I use shorewall as my firewall and
adding the following to my /etc/shorewall/rules file will
open up ftp.

ACCEPT  net     fw      tcp     ftp
ACCEPT  net     fw      tcp     ftp-data

Beyond that Im not sure how to help.

Scott Henson
LCSEE Systems Staff
WVU MAE Undergraduate
Ubuntu User

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