adsl connection troubles with ubuntu

Thilo Six T.Six at
Sun Dec 10 11:22:44 UTC 2006

gudy zopfi wrote the following on 09.12.2006 07:14:


> I've just installed ubuntu(6.10)


> BUT internet acces..I can't get it right
> I get a message, "there are 25 updates available" so
> that means ubuntu has connected to a server somewhere,
> but the download fails always
> Also if I start firefox, I can't load any page
> (timed out every time)


> Thank you so much for your help
> Gudy

Maybe have a look here:

check with "ifconfig" :

$ ifconfig | grep --color=auto MTU

Your MTU should at least be like around 1500.

HTH Thilo

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