remote files and samba

Xurxo F. xurxo13 at
Sun Dec 10 11:07:08 UTC 2006

I have a windows computer with NTFS filesytem in my local network with a
folder with mp3, zip files, video, pictures, etc. I can connect to that
folder, copy any file to my computer and open it (default app for audio
and video is totem-gstreamer). Problem is that if I try to open an mp3
or video from the remote folder i get an error. 

Totem could not play 'smb://NAME_OF_THE_FILE'.
Could not read from resource.

Mplayer wont open it, nor will rhythmbox or archive manager for zip
files. I have opened pdf and tiff files from the remote folder though.

Any idea how to solve it? Thanks

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