Is it crazy to buy a MacBook?

Matt Galvin mgalvin at
Sat Dec 9 22:30:13 UTC 2006

On 12/9/06, Magnus Runesson <mr-ubuntu at> wrote:
> Would I be crazy if I buy a MacBook or is it a good idea?

Hi Magnus,

No you would not be crazy at all, it's a great idea. They are
incredibly sweet machines, very light, and very feature full. They are
probably in most cases less expensive then  "comparably equipped" PC

You can now run only Ubuntu on it easily which is really sweet
although I do normally dual boot since I do require Mac OS X and I do
really like OS X as well. I largely did the install solo as proof of
concept but I will probably go back to dual booting at some point
because I like both OSes and like to be able to use them both. I for
sure as hell ain't putting windows on it though (although you can) ;)

At any rate...

I can certainly recommend getting a MacBook [Pro]. They are *really*
*really* sweet machines and I can almost guarantee you would not be

Hope this helps.



Matt Galvin
mgalvin at

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