[OT]Re: The End of Linux

Nikolai psalmos at swissinfo.org
Thu Dec 7 23:26:11 UTC 2006

John Dangler wrote:

>>> Nikolai wrote:
>>>> http://www.citkit.ru/articles/178/
>>>> http://zeus.sai.msu.ru:7000/open_source/linux_mobile/
>>>     OK, now that most of the group has taken him up on his argument, and
>>> visited the site....has anyone checked for rootkits?
>> Don't you see what's in the URL? kit.ru :-)
> now that the alarm has been raised about this...
> so I setup chkrootkit, and found this...

You're not serious, are you? The URL's I posted I found through 
searching on this guy's name (among other things) on a Russian search 
engine. Do you think by posting on osnews.com he would think that 
someone would find his other articles in Russian somewhere else and have 
there rootkits waiting? Besides, in the citkit.ru URL I joked about, the 
kit.ru part refers to 'whale' because that's what 'kit' means in Russian 
(just look at the logo on that site) and so is 'cit' is a play on the 
same word.

Of course, no one can guarantee that there are no rootkits there.


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