The End of Linux

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"Why would Linux loose" ... this contributor needs a grammar checker in
addition to a spell checker. :P

1. Many of the GUIs available for have their own features that
even Windows lacks.  Do you need a hammer?  Or a screwdriver?  The user
will decide which tool they need (hopefully) based on what works best
for them.  

For example, at work I rely on my Windows XP workstation because of the
strong integration with A.D. that I need to administer multiple Exchange
2003 servers, domain controllers, etc.  But when I'm developing at home,
Linux is my choice for many reasons that I won't get into here.

2. Undoubtedly, the larger any project gets, the more complex it gets
and the more difficult it is to understand.  Everybody knows this.
What's his point?  Does he think that Microsoft does have a complexity
barrier?  Ha!

3. And his third reason?  Huh?  What is a "really smart project?"  And
which ones have been dropped because developers prefer the console over
a GUI?  If these developers preferred less Windows-ish OSes, is he
implying that less competent persons are developing all of the graphical
applications we have available today?  I don't get it.


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I just read this story about how linux is on its last two feet. Some
good points but Im never switching back to MS even if linux totally
falls apart.


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