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> I just read this story about how linux is on its last two feet. Some
> good points but Im never switching back to MS even if linux totally
> falls apart.

The author's main point seems to suggest that there can be no combination of WYSIWYG and command-line interfaces, which is rubbish on its face (except in Gnome, maybe, where the file browser won't even let you "Open Terminal Here" in a window).

Linux may never get 95% of PC marketshare, but that doesn't mean it will vanish from the face of the earth. Per the "Cathedral and the Bazaar" ( ) model, large proprietary organizations (Like MS and Apple) are always in more jeopardy than grassroots efforts.

The author is an OpenBSD user and free software advocate, so he may mean that specifically Linux is in danger, not the BSD's, but even so, his arguments are all bollocks. 
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