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Tod Merley todbot88 at
Tue Dec 5 20:56:40 UTC 2006

On 12/5/06, terrence at <terrence at> wrote:
> Hello all,
>        I'm using an eMachines 433-mhz PC with about 640 MB of ram and 2
> hard drives, one 20 gig and one 4-gig.  I had Ubuntu up and running on the
> 20-gig drive just fine.  Then last night I tried to install Oralux (a
> derivative of Knoppix designed for blind users) on the other hard drive,
> with a floppy for a boot disk.  Now, however, I can't seem to get either
> of the two to boot up; no matter what I do I get a kernel panic error,
> something about being unable to mount some root thing to unknown-block...
> (followed by a bunch of numbers).  How can I fix this so at least my
> Ubuntu comes up like it's supposed to?
> Thanks,
> Terrence
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Hi Terrence!

When you play with dual boot however you do it you need to understand GRUB.

# From the Free Software Foundation Website-

What probably has happended is that you, in the process of doing so
many things to get your 4g going, pointed the master boot record on
your main drive to the wrong place.

If I were doing it I would temporairily make the second drive the boot
drive (if possible) and then point to it from the boot menu of the
first drive (no floppy needed).

It would probably be good to educate yourself on booting:

# Highly technical but good -

Good Hunting!


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