Kernel Panic Issue

terrence at terrence at
Tue Dec 5 19:25:37 UTC 2006

Hello all,
 	I'm using an eMachines 433-mhz PC with about 640 MB of ram and 2 
hard drives, one 20 gig and one 4-gig.  I had Ubuntu up and running on the 
20-gig drive just fine.  Then last night I tried to install Oralux (a 
derivative of Knoppix designed for blind users) on the other hard drive, 
with a floppy for a boot disk.  Now, however, I can't seem to get either 
of the two to boot up; no matter what I do I get a kernel panic error, 
something about being unable to mount some root thing to unknown-block... 
(followed by a bunch of numbers).  How can I fix this so at least my 
Ubuntu comes up like it's supposed to?


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