windows vista

Tue Dec 5 04:35:50 UTC 2006

It means for QEMU you need a valid licence of 
Windows right . . .
That is why I am very big supporter of WINE as it does not 
ask you to pay to M$ for a valid licence.
It is not at its best but is improving . . . while the paid service
of crossoverlinux is much better and would come much cheaper 
as compared to windows . . .
I know you might have checked out with the crossover guys . . .

>> When you say QEMU doesn't run Windows, are you talking about Windows
>> Vista, right? Cause QEMU runs Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP
>> seamlessly.
>I'll revist QEMU in the future, but I had some issues getting it
>going, and never could get the accelerator working. For now VMWare
>seems to be more than adequate for those last few of apps I have to
>have. The overall performance on my desktop (AMD 64 3800+ with 2gb
>of DDR2 5400 memory) is pretty terrific.
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